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What does it mean to be first class.

Last week I promised to talk more about what being a First Class Company means. So let’s take the first requirement, which is “You must be making a PROFIT”.

The periods where you don’t make a profit are usually caused by some “extraordinary” situation or event. If you break the word down it looks like this: extra ordinary. This means that it is outside of your regular business process. Sometime it is quite obvious and sometimes you have to dig to identify it.

What is harder to identify or acknowledge, is when you are losing money over a protracted time period, and: A – you don’t have the systems in place to let you know you have a problem, or worse B – you have the systems but are in denial.

Next, even if you are making a profit, is it enough for the risk you are taking and is it in line with industry standards?

If you would like some help with the above, please feel free to reach out to me.

Next week, we will continue on what it takes to be a FIRST CLASS COMPANY.
Until then, have fun!

To Your Success!

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