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In a small to medium sized business, up to fifty million, there is a need for some basic support from experienced people who have traversed the different phases of growing an organization. In the entrepreneurial spirit of this great country, an industry has arisen to fill this need. This industry is known as “Business Coaching”.

"When hiring a business coach you need someone you can trust. Glenn Burkey has started up businesses and built them into multi-million dollar operations. We know that Glenn has personally battled in his businesses the same issues that we have in our business."

Brian Tornow

"You get my highest recommendation as a business coach. Your ability to recognize, understand, and explain our complex issues, has guided us in the right direction, and your past construction experience has really proved to be a great asset and wealth of information.

Mitch - DD Mitchell Paving


Our Process

Business coaching isn't a one and done meeting. It is a process of development of a philosophy and implementation of a plan. Read More


Glenn works with some of the best companies around.

Here he shares some of his favorites. Read More


Each month Glenn shares some of his business knowledge on his blog. Read More

About Glenn

Over the last 40+ years Glenn Burkey has been involved with many different businesses and start-ups. Read More

From the blog

We like to blog about the things that we experience whilst on this journey.

How to make your company First Class.

Why do I say First Class instead of World Class? Because I don’t care how big or how small you are. I only care that you be First Class. So, what does First Class Mean? You must be making a PROFIT. I know there are periods that we don’t, but you must be able to… read more →

What are you doing and how are you going to get there?

Following up from last week, you should have some ideas on things in your business that are running at the expense of your family, your health, your peace of mind, your relationships, your employees, or your reputation. Let’s change things before it’s too late. A very good start is to work on the following: Your… read more →

Make money the RIGHT way!

If you read last weeks, post, you now know the steps to learning. But what do you want to learn? I am going to recommend that you learn how to make more money the RIGHT way. Whoa Coach! Is there a wrong way? Yes. Sometimes the price you pay to make money could be at… read more →

If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away!

Ben Franklin

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1 Victoria Place #301

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Office Phone: 440-551-9356

Mobile Phone: 440-417-8507